Resolve Disputes Online - Fair, Efficient, Binding

A machine learning-based
digital negotiation platform

What's at issue?

A digital negotiation platform

  • where consumers find a fast and easy resolution
  • where both consumers and merchants are treated fairly and where their privacy is respected
  • that neutralizes inequality of the parties
  • that provides merchants with a clear benefit from participating in terms of increased reputation and cost savings
  • with a system that is continuously learning and gets smarter the more cases that are run through it

How it works?

Meet at the negotiating table

All EU/EFTA online shops are obliged to provide on their websites an easily accessible electronic link for consumers to the ODR-platform. All it takes is the push of a button to enter the platform.

Plug & Play

Our database contains the entire legislation relevant to online shoppers in all EU/EFTA member states as well as the specific GTC’s of the affiliated eCommerce companies. By validating the current transaction data with the stored metadata, the system accomplishes to automatically resolve about 90% of the disputes.

Get a Mediator

If you get stuck in the trial, call in a mediator. We employ a large number of mediators in all European languages and for all areas of disputes.

The product

Use Case

Example eShopper vs. Merchant

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BD was founded in Switzerland in 2017 with the vision of empowering people to resolve all their disputes and conflicts autonomously – Fair, time- and cost-saving, binding.

  • Beat Schönmann LinkedIn profile

    Beat Schönmann

    Founder, CEO/CFO

  • Margus Eha LinkedIn profile

    Margus Eha

    Co-founder, CTO

  • Thomas Löhrer LinkedIn profile

    Thomas Löhrer

    Co-Founder, CMO/CIO

  • Philip D. Grech LinkedIn profile

    Philip D. Grech

    Chief Scientist

  • Jorge L. Sanchez LinkedIn profile

    Jorge L. Sánchez


  • Allan Kikkas LinkedIn profile

    Allan Kikkas

    Senior UX Developer

  • Rolf W. Günter LinkedIn profile

    Rolf W. Günter

    Legal, Board of Directors

  • Ellen G. Czaika LinkedIn profile

    Ellen G. Czaika

    System Design, Board of Directors


  • ICODR | The International Council for Online Dispute Resolution
  • Swiss LegalTech Association
  • ELTA - European LegalTech Association